Qualifiers Schedule

Player Registration
SEP 17th 11:00 KST ~ 23th 24:00 KST (-16hrs for PDT)
Sep 26
Online Qual.
Sep 27
1st Online
Sep 28
2nd Online
Sep 29
Offline Qual.
Sep 30

Qualifier Format

Online Qualifier

Best of 3 Series, Single match x 3 round (2 days)

  • 1st Set : Fighting Spirit 1.3
  • 2nd Set : Circuit Breakers 1.0
  • 3rd Set: Roadkill 1.3

※Detailed information about qualifiers will be delivered to players via the sign-up email address

※If you qualified for main stage in tournaments that have been held within last 5 years and with total prize pool that totals more than 24 Million Won, you will be automatically qualify for the Offline Qualifier

※Players who cannot communicate due to in-game setting(Busy,Away,/DND,etc) will be disqualified.

Offline Qualifier

Ro 16 ~ Ro 4 : Best of 3 Series, Single Elimination

Group Finals : Best of 5 Series, Single Elimination

  • 1st Set: Fighting Spirit 1.3
  • 2nd Set: Circuit Breakers 1.0
  • 3rd Set: Heartbreak Ridge 2.1
  • 4th Set : Roadkill 1.3
  • 5th Set : Benzene 1.1

Bracket Announcement: September 29th 14:00 KST (SMS, E-mail)

Group A (6 Groups) 96 total players, 16 Player Single Elimination per group

Group B (6 Group) 96 total players, 16 Player Single Elimination per group

Offline Qualifier Location

Shinchon InterLaken PC CAFE

Changchun-dong 18-5, Shinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea